Very entertaining series by Sanjeev Bhaskar on his trip around India and Pakistan. Last nights episode (sadly the last in the series) included a visit to Pune. I made a brief visit their (as well as Bangalore) on behalf of Psion back in 2000 whilst looking for software developers to partner on the failed Odin project. I have fond memories of my trip to India and would love to return if I had the chance. I still remember asking the concierge in one of the hotels (4/5 star) if they suffered locally from mosquitoes. “None Sir” – came the immediate reply “we don’t have any in the hotel” I should hope not I thought!  A couple of photos below, originally taken on 35mm (Olympus mju140) that broke subsequently on the trip. Amateur prints scanned. (Come to think of it , both Olympus’s I’ve owned have failed on me!)