It’s free and you can download from the web! (Check out for the most popular downloads.) Robust and virus free, sounds appealing doesn’t it. Well I’ve tried a number of distributions and yet found myself still returning to Windows XP. Yes, I’ve tried Ubuntu, SimpyMepis, Mandrake and a number of others. In spite of my wish to move over, something draws me back to Windows. Trying to analyse this isn’t a 100% straightforward. Some of my gripes are (for me) difficulty in installing new programs or updates, the need to start looking up unfriendly command strings, a lack of tools that I’ve got used to using under Windows. An example is Picasa although I realise this is now available for Linux. The other obvious issue is limited peripheral support particularly in area such as Wi-Fi adaptors. Still in spite of my personal reservations it’s obviously gaining momentum. The recent deal between Ubuntu and Dell just proves it’s gaining in popularity. I guess I’ll have to give it another go šŸ˜‰