As per my previous post I’ve just returned from Crete and taken some half decent pictures with two cameras namely an old 3.2M pixel Sony Cybershot (just for the beach) and a 5M Panasonic TZ1. The latter produced results that I’m sure are good enough for most amateurs. So why this current trend for cameras with 8/10/12 mega pixels? No doubt it can help but in my limited experience the final image is a result of many factors including optics, auto focusing ability, digital processing , low light performance… The number of pixels recorded is only one parameter that effects the image. A negative effect of having such large pixel count is the resultant file size which will obviously be much larger. So my advice is to be less concerned about the number of pixels and more so about the rest of the camera. Take a look at some of the camera review sites such as dcviews, dpreview and Steve’s cameras. Also where you can examine picture samples from many popular cameras and dare I say camera phones!