I spent some time working at Psion on one of the first consumer DAB radios, namely the Wavefinder. We built 10,000 in Austria and then the consumer business was closed. Sadly the unit stopped working after XP introduced SP2, I would guess this is a result of tightened security around the USB drivers. The Wavefinder loaded it’s program into local RAM via the USB link. Consequently it won’t run, well for me any way!

Today I use a Cambridge Audio DAB3000 courtesy of Richer Sounds. With the supplied in door aerial I get surprisingly good results, the meter reports full signal strength! (Not so with my Digital TV Tuner , but that’s another article. ) I have to say though sound quality isn’t quite as good as an older FM Tuner Denon TU260MkII picked up on ebay for about £30! So much for progress ….